Developing Critical Numeracy Across the Curriculum

Teaching Activity

Eldest Child More Successful

Grade: 7 Stage: 10
with emphasis on:

Maths Concepts: Number
Context: Society
Critical Numeracy: De-coding, Meaning-making, Using, Analysing
Date of Article:26/02/08, pg 12
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Teacher Guidelines:

The article uses percentages, fractions and ratios to compare the numbers of entrepreneurs who were first born, second born etc in their family.  It gives students an opportunity to make some simple conversions and appreciate why it is necessary to be able to make comparisons.

De-coding and Meaning-making

Students are asked to extract information from the article and convert to simple fractions. 


The idea of position in the family is explored through gathering data from the class and examining what percentage are first born, etc. 


Does the article and subsequent data collection convince the students that position in the family is likely to lead to success?

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